Thursday, April 24, 2014

ONU Model United Nations Team Travels to New York!

Prior to Easter Break, the Ohio Northern University Model United Nations team traveled to New York City to compete at the National Model United Nations Conference.  

Throughout the week, the 13 students worked on solving real-world crises in a simulation setting as representatives of Turkmenistan.  Through all of their hard work, the team brought home a distinguished delegation award, a higher achievement than they have ever previously accomplished at this conference.  

Members include: (Seniors) Daniella Chambers, James Lee, Franklin Howard, Sung Eun Heo, Nahoko Shiojiri, (Juniors) Katie Deeter, Hannah Allen, Mary Miller, (Sophomores) Regine Jean-Michel, (Freshmen) Jeremy Pultz, Taylor Phillips, Arianna Ranieri, and Andrea Sheller.  The team was accompanied by faculty adviser Dr. Kofi Nsia-Pepra, and assisted throughout the year by Professor Trisitin Kilgallon. They look forward to returning next spring and are actively seeking new members!

Congratulations MUN Team! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Professor Lomax's Military and Society Class Travels to the Air Force Museum

Dr. Lomax recently took his HIST 2501 Military and Society class to the United States Air Force Museum in Dayton.  The museum is a regular stop for that class, and as always, they paused to take a group photo in front of one of the historic airplanes on display there.

Mike King Presents Research at Clement Stacy Memorial Undergraduate Research Conference

Mike King presented his paper on the Ku Klux Klan's educational policy during the Progressive Era to the 2014 Clement S Stacy Memorial Undergraduate Research Conference sponsored by Purdue University-Calumet.  Mike did a fantastic job presenting, and handled the Q&A after his talk with aplomb.  Dr. Crawford accompanied Mike, and also learned a great deal - the best spot to buy pizza in Fort Wayne, for instance.  Mike is currently engaged in his student teaching experience and will be looking for his first career stop soon.

Experiences such as this and the previous Phi Alpha Theta Conference are what separate the HPJ experience from that found at other universities.  The chance to share one's research typically is a feature of graduate school.  We strongly encourage our majors to take advantage of as many of these opportunities as possible.

Well done Mike, and best of luck for your job search!

Monday, March 31, 2014

HPJ Bids Farewell to Dr. Wenduo Zhao

Dr. Zhao has been on sabbattical from Beihua University in China since last January, and has been working with students and faculty with HPJ.  Dr. Zhao team taught East Asia Since 1800 with Dr. Crawford and also did a weeks worth of lectures on the Anti Japanese War in Crawford's World War II course.

For the past year, Dr. Zhao, his wife, and son have been part of the HPJ family, and has brought an important perspective to courses that our students often do not have access to. 

We hope you have a good voyage home and hope to have the chance to work with you again!

HPJ and ONU Hosts Phi Alpha Theta Ohi Regional Research Conference

The ONU chapter of 
Phi Alpha Theta, the history honor society, hosted the 2014 Phi Alpha Theta Ohio Regional Meeting on March 22.  The sessions took place in Dicke Hall and ran throughout the day.  More than thirty undergraduate and graduate students from universities across Ohio took part in the conference.

The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Christopher Manning of Loyola University Chicago who spoke on "Hurricane Katrina through the Lens of Oral History" in the Dicke Forum at 1:00 p.m.  Professor Manning's talk is based on interviews and images that he collected after the storm.  He will offer his thoughts on the social and political impact of Katrina as well as discuss the way that oral history allows us to understand events more clearly and fully.

Several HPJ students presented their research at the conference including:

Andrea Herzler, Ohio Northern University
Three Fighters Who Transformed the Image of African American Boxers

Franklin Howard, Ohio Northern University
The “Homo-sex-you-all’ and his Friends: Gay Literature and the Creation of the American Gay Identity in the 1940s

Jessica Dunham, Ohio Northern University
The Louisiana Purchase in the National Press

Amarilla Fair, Ohio Northern University
Building Bridges: Godey’s Lady’s Book, the Cult of Domesticity, and Women’s Education

Tyson Miller, Ohio Northern University
Limited in America: Life on the World War II Home Front

Amarilla Fair and Franklin Howard won Outstanding Paper for their sessions!

HPJ Faculty including Dr. Lomax, Dr. Alexander, Dr. Scott, Dr. Waters, Dr. Loughlin, and Dr. Crawford, along with faculty from Lourdes University, Walsh University, and Ohio Wesleyan University presided over the panels.

Thanks to Dr. Lomax and the Phi Alpha Theta students who worked very hard to make the conference a success!

Crisis in Ukraine

On Tuesday, March 25th there was a presentation in the Moot Court room in Petit Law School regarding the crisis in Ukraine.

According to the Ohio Northern’s Center for Democratic Governance and Rule of Law, the presentation included the following:

The Ohio Northern University Center for Democratic Governance and Rule of Law presents a panel discussion on “The Crisis in Ukraine: What is Happening and What Does it Mean?”

A four-member panel discussed the recent developments in Ukraine and analyzed the implications for the region and the impact between Russia and the rest of the world. The panel consisted of Galyna Korniyenko, project manager for N3w Normal; Perry Bush, professor of history at Bluffton University; Howard Fenton, ONU professor of law; and Michael Loughlin, ONU professor of history. David Pimentel, director of the Center and visiting associate professor of law, will moderate the panel.

Galyna Korniyenko

Korniyenko, who lives in Ukraine, currently works with local and central governments and disability organizations to educate governments, businesses and community organizations about the challenges that blind people face in everyday life. From 2006-12, she worked in the executive office for the city of Cherkasy, Ukraine, where she acted as liaison between local government and nongovernmental organizations, political parties, law enforcement and mass media; monitored execution of human rights laws; served as secretary of the supervisory committee on parole issues; and advised the executive office on information technology needs and uses. She describes herself as a civic activist, and was involved in some of the early, nonviolent demonstrations in Kyiv in recent months.

Dr. Perry Bush
Bush has taught history at Bluffton University for more than 20 years and, in 2011, was selected as a Fulbright Scholar by the Council for the International Exchange of Scholars to teach at Zaporizhia National University in Ukraine. During 2012 he traveled extensively in central Ukraine and Crimea, participating in conferences and lecturing in Kyiv, Cherkasy, Dnipropetrovsk and Yevpatoria, along the Black Sea in Crimea.

Dr. Michael Loughlin
Loughlin has taught a class on American foreign policy at ONU for more than 25 years, with a focus on the Middle East including a critical evaluation of recent uses of America’s power in that region. His expertise is modern European history and he has visited Ukraine numerous times. His publications deal with French fascism. Recently he was asked by several professors from Moscow, critical of ongoing fascist-like trends throughout Europe, to contribute an article on French Fascism and its possible relationship to the French National Front of Jean-Marie and Marine Le Pen for a university publication in Putin’s Russia.

Dr. Howard Fenton
Fenton, who has taught at ONU since 1988 is director of the ONU Pettit College of Law’s LL.M. program in Democratic Governance and Rule of Law, a program designed for young lawyers from transitional democracies.  He has consulted on law reform efforts in Ukraine since 1996, including as recently as 2011 and has contributed to two books on administrative justice in Ukraine. Fenton has also served as an adviser to the governments of Georgia, Armenia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Uzbekistan and recently co-authored a guide to administrative law reform for U.S. State Department foreign aid officers.

The presentation’s panel was very diverse and covered a large range of topics relating to this issue. The presentation itself was very thought provoking and an interesting way to look at all sides of what is happening in Ukraine. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Triumph of the Alumna: Joy (Kessler) King Speaks to Social Studies Student Teachers

In late February, Joy King, who graduated from ONU with a BA in Social Studies Teacher Licensure in 2009, returned to campus to speak with current student teachers and majors about what the Ohio Historical Society had to offer them in the way of curricular materials.  Immediately after graduation, King taught high school Social Studies for four years before moving to Columbus.  She now works as a Creative Learning Engineer for OHS.

She brought a number of materials along with her, including a Museum in a Box, which is a box that contains a number of artifacts that deal with a specific subject such as frontier life, and other historical periods.  She also told attendees about the webinars that teachers can access from OHS.  They also have a History to Go van, and many other resources for Social Studies teachers on their website.

It was great to see Joy again and to learn how her career has evolved.  We will have her back again!

Well done Joy!